Ph.D. Thesis:
"Tools for In-situ Manipulation and Characterisation of Nanostructures"
by Kristian Mølhave
MIC- Department of Micro and Nanotechnology,
Technical University of Denmark
ISBN: 87-89935-84-5

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For characterization and construction of nanostructures, this Ph.D. project developed an in-situ scanning electron microscope (SEM) laboratory with a set of novel tools:

The developed set of tools comprise a nanolaboratory which in many ways can accomplish the same tasks as an electronic workshop - but using nanoscale components that are some 10000 times smaller.


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The following papers have been published based on the Ph.D. projects results:
11: Electron Irradiation Induced Destruction of Carbon Nanotubes in Electron Microscopes
Accepted by ultramicroscopy
K Mølhave, S B Gudnason, A Tegtmeier Pedersen, C Hyttel Clausen, A Horsewell, P Bøggild
10: Transmission electron microscopy study of individual carbon nanotube breakdown caused by joule heating in air
Nano Letters 6 1663-1668 (2006)
K Mølhave, S.B Gudnason, A Tegtmeier Pedersen,
C Hyttel Clausen, A Horsewell, P Bøggild
9: Pick-and-place nanomanipulation using microfabricated grippers
Nanotechnology 17 2434–2441 (2006)
K Mølhave, T Wich, A Kortschack, P Bøggild
- also reported in (pdf).
8: Direct measurement of resistance of multiwalled carbon nanotubes using micro four-point probes
Sensor Letters 3 (4) 300-303 (2005)
S Dohn, K Molhave, P Boggild
7: Electro-thermally actuated microgrippers with integrated force feedback
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 15 1265–1270 (2005)
K Mølhave and O Hansen
6: A Simple Electron Beam Lithography System
Ultramicroscopy 102 215-219 (2005)
K Mølhave, D N Madsen, and P Bøggild
5: Constructing, connecting and soldering nanostructures by environmental electron beam deposition
Nanotechnology 15 1047–1053 (2004)
K Mølhave, D N Madsen, S Dohn and P Bøggild.
4: An approach to a multi-walled carbon nanotube based mass sensor
Microelectronic Engineering 73-74 670-674 (2004)
R Mateiu, Z J Davis, D N Madsen, K Mølhave, P Bøggild, A Rasmussen, M Brorson, C J H Jacobsen, A Boisen.
3: Towards pick-and-place assembly of nanostructures
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 4 (3) 279-282 (2004).
K Mølhave, T M Hansen, D N Madsen, P Bøggild.
2: Solid Gold Nanostructures Fabricated by Electron Beam Deposition
Nano Letters 3 (11) 1499-1503 (2003).
K Mølhave, D N Madsen, A M Rasmussen, A Carlsson, C C Appel, M Brorson, C J H Jacobsen, and P Bøggild
1: Soldering of nanotubes onto microelectrodes
Nano Letters 3 (1): 47-49 (2003).
D N Madsen, K Mølhave, R Mateiu, A M Rasmussen, M Brorson, C J H Jacobsen, and P Bøggild.

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